Mind Body and Soul

Lifestyle is what we do consistently day after week after month after year. It is what we teach our children, it is what our parents taught us and what we ultimately choose. We like these words healthy mind body and soul but in truth how many of us can boast top dollars in all these departments? Can you? Let us know your thoughts on this!

Yes, it’s the lifestyle that scores the points in the body, mind and soul department. Too much of this and too little of that – it’s really all about balance. Take a look at your lifestyle  and ask yourself out of 100% how much is spend on mind, how much on the body and how much on soul.

Firstly what is mind, I think mind is all the stuff we think,  all the escapism in movies and books, work, all the emotional interference – that’s what I think. (Your comments  will be appreciated) .  When it comes to body – well now that is an interesting one. The pendulum here swings from great nutritious diets to downright garbage diets, exercise to manic sporting activity, body care to boob jobs and then we have the soul. Now that is an interesting one. We osculate from those who  kinda believe but like other stuff don’t really think it matters to fanatical religious activity and or those on a genuine spiritual quests.

At the end of the day, like I said balance is the key and this is what this blog is about. Exploring the balance in these 3 areas to show our parents that we are whole, to set a great example to our children and the enjoy the rewards that balance brings.  We would love you to join us on this adventure and so invite you to subscribe to this blog to be notified of updates.

Till next time.

Mind Body and Soul