Green Juice Recipe

Green Juice RecipeWe had been drinking a combination of carrot juice with the addition of some beetroot and celery. On doing some research I felt that this freshly squeezed juice that was unbuffered by any fibre contained too much sugar. At about the same time I was reading about green juices but was mentally having a bit if difficulty in coming to terms with extracted GREEN juice. Then after more research I discovered the amazing benefits of adding lemon to green juices and green smoothies and decided to give the green juice a go. Well, I was really surprised at how enjoyable a green juice can be. I don’t have a fixed recipe but have got a general pattern that you can follow to keep this highly nutritious juice palatable.


Cucumber About 1/3 of  Cucumber
Tomato This is optional – but one is plenty
Baby spinach Depending on the size of the leaves – 4 small or 2 large
Sprouts A small handful (of your choice)
Swiss chard A small handful
Apple One is plenty small or half a large
Carrots About 4 large carrots
Lemon The juice from 1 lemon. This will of course depend on the type of lemon and the size and the quantity of juice. Use taste as your guide in the beginning.
Wild greens If you are priveleged enough to have access to some wild greens, add a small handful. Presently we are adding some Stinging Nettle.

Juice this combination through a cold pressed masticating-type juicer and drink as soon as possible. (For the best juicing experience we recommend an Oscar juicer!)

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Green Juice Recipe

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  1. Avatar Serna Kramer Dec 16, 2009

    Green/Vegetable Smoothie
    Loved your green juice recipe. If you want something a little more substantial, I
    just had the most delicious, refreshing Green Vegetable smoothie today.Try this and see how cooling it is on a hot summer’s day: 1/2 cucumber (one with spines, about 4cm diameter, with skin); about 4cm of a large, fat zuchinni; 2 slices butternut, bunch fennel, l large ripe tomato, 1/2 small sweetpotato, juice of 1 juicy lemon, tsp himalayan salt,1 dessertspoon of each of following: flaxseed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, 400ml water, 1 large kale leaf, 1 tsp grated ginger. Blended at High speed for a minute in my Hi-Blend blender. You can add extra salt/lemon to taste. Bon Appetit!

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