Equipment to change your life
It was winter 1995 and we were very involved in our organic vegetable growing. I had subscribed to the US publication Organic Gardening and became fascinated with an ad for tomato ice cream that was produced with an awesome looking blender called a Vita-Mix. As there was no dealer for Vita-Mix Corp in SA at that time I did a direct import and that was the start of the adventure of how equipment can change your life.
After the arrival of ‘the monster’ which is what my friend aptly titled her Vita-Mix super blender as the motor was so powerful, we became engrossed in whole food smoothies, hot raw soups, healthy frozen desserts, grinding wheat into flour and making healthy muffins with no dairy, no added sugar and no eggs. Our diet was transformed by the increase in raw content and all the benefits that that presented.

To be continued..

Equipment to change your life