renewal retreat

Renewal Retreat is located on a 600 acre farm high up on the Kammanassie mountains of the Klein Karoo, the mountain peaks are just behind us to the north and we look out onto the magnificent Langkloof valley and the Outeniqua mountains to the south. The landscape is mixed vegetation including proteas and other fynbos, rhinosterbos and aliens.

Renewal Retreat is not your average retreat. It is designed to offer a variety of workshops, courses and health and wellness retreats, and to offer accommodation to fit all pockets ranging from camping, mixed dormitory, in-the-farmhouse, to posh.

The location offers magnificent views to the north, west and south. Awesome starlit nights and breathtaking sunsets. The purpose of the Retreat is to offer learning and healing of ourselves and the land. How to establish food, health and happiness security. Utilising local materials, recycling waste, retrieving energy from the sun an securing spring water from the mountains.

The menu is strictly delicious vegan, for health and wellness events, with a slight deviation to vegetarian in that cows milk is offered for refreshments and cereals.

Forthcoming retreats are:

  • Organic food security
  • Compost making, worm farming, compost tea making
  • Korean natural farming
  • Hugelkultur building
  • Wellness hands on workshops
  • Raw food detox combined with art or yoga
  • How to be a healthy vegan – hands on
  • Permaculture design courses
  • Pamper retreats
  • Escape to peace and tranquility

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Build a labyrinth
  • Environmental support to remove the numerous alien trees
  • Natural building
  • Keyhole gardening
  • Olive picking from the 76 olive trees
  • Tree planting
  • Water table management
  • Establishment and maintenance of trails
  • Permaculture related activities Eg. Swales, berms, water security etc.

Renewal Retreat also hosts a variety of imported courses such as the full 12 day Permaculture Design Course, yoga and art weeks.


  • Therapy room
  • Gym
  • Near infrared saunas
  • Colema room
  • Presentation facilities
  • Workshop facilities

Our water electricity, ablutions, wifi and mobile coverage:

  • We use a combination of solar and Eskom power
  • Our water is piped straight from a spring high up in the mountains
  • The accommodations offer toilet facilities, some composting toilets and other flush-type
  • Water is heated by a number of methods including:  a fire heated ‘donkey’, solar geysers,  gas and electricity
  • Heating: Winter cold is compensated by electric blankets on every bed and all accommodations and the presentation area have fireplaces.
  • Summer brings heat, and swimming in the dam, filled with mountain water, will be a welcome reprieve.

Outdoor activities:

  • Walks
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Fynbos identification

Other activities:

  • Qigong

The events at Renewal Retreat will leave you looking forward to the next event as there is so much variety on offer.